Why Does He Act That Way?

The cowboy cold cocker boasted about his brutality to “Inside Edition” — and said he’d have Jones’ head if he turned up again.

Why does Donald Trump speak and act the way he does when he goes off script? The answer is pathetically simple. It’s what his belligerently racist father would have liked. It’s the behaviour he would finally have obtained paternal approval for. It’s also what Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. have inherited as their go-to place for pleasing daddy. It’s why they suck up to Putin and his corrupt, gangster ilk. Trapped animals in game parks, refugees, minorities, women.., the bigger the belligerently murderous bullying of the disadvantaged and the vulnerable, the better. The roaring racist Alt-Right ‘Judeo-Christian values’-supporting crowd is a substitute for an approving father. This is genuinely pitiable, but not something the world should have to put up with, given the personal calibre of the KKK-affiliated dad he’s seeking to posthumously impress.

Donald Jr. with Eric Trump and their victim

Trump’s presidential rhetoric also very closely resembles that of revival tent preachers, or even his own former schtick from his entertainment producer days, when presiding over professional wrestling — the pugilistic display, boasts, lies, and wild hyperbole.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, held by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, prepares to have his hair cut off by Donald Trump at Wrestlemania 23, April 1, 2007. (Credit: AP/Carlos Osorio)

His preferred crowds also resemble the audiences for pro-wrestling, who are seemingly eager to get unreasoningly partisan, pick a villain, suspend judgment and disbelief so as to scream, yell, shake their fists, and generally just lose their shit. That’s his metier. He thinks he’s this guy:

Promo photo, Pro-wrestler, Ric Flair.

President Trump was motivated to pardon racist cop and convicted racial profiler, Joe Arpaio, due to having watched a segment of Alex Jones’ revival-tent/carny-barker styled program, ‘Infowars.’ For anyone who may still be innocent of knowledge of this man, Trump’s favourite broadcaster and friend, to whom he turns for sage advice and bolstering with mid-broadcast texts (that Jones then reads out) and late night phone calls, this is Alex Jones:

This excerpt from a televised rant by Jones can further your understanding of what we’re dealing with here, and exactly why it’s futile to expect even a smidgin of sanity out of Donald Trump. Ever. Because this is Trump’s top conspiracy theory source and advisor. Arpaio went on ‘Infowars’ to personally thank Alex Jones for his role in bringing Trump around to granting the pardon. (Timothy Johnson, ‘Joe Arpaio thanks conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for getting his story to Donald Trump, who is reportedly poised to pardon the former sheriff,’ MediaMatters For America, August 23, 2017.)

Screen capture: Joe Arpaio thanking Alex Jones and Infowars for arranging his pardon with president Trump

Conspiracy-theory entertainment T.V. probably shouldn’t replace senior advisors and legal counsel, even if those individuals ARE compromised by irrational, eschatological ideology and beliefs. As I wrote in early March, in ‘Steve Bannon’s Fearful Purity and Pollution Discourse’ (Owens, Medium, March 5, 2017), “Team Trump is a cybernetically controlled cult with millions of members and an algorithmically implanted subliminal belief system engineered by former programmer/computer scientist, now media mogul and psychographic behaviour-modification billionaire nutcase, Robert Mercer….” In league since Breitbart with Steve Bannon, Right-Wing billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah personally placed both Fundamentalist Catholics, Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, into Team Trump and the White House.

They have also been in league with Trump since the failure of the vocal Evangelical Fundamentalist, Ted Cruz, whom they formerly supported, to win the Republican nomination. One glaring irony in all of this? It was a ‘Never Trump’ Republican who contracted the Steele Dossier back in 2016, now to be used as a blue-print for the many investigations into Trump’s financial and political collusions with Putin and Russian oligarchs. It could well have been the deeply devout Evangelical, Ted Cruz, when he was flush with vast amounts of Mercer money.

Donald Trump in midst of speech encouraging racist violence



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