Trump Will Be Trash-Canned Like A Used Condom

Donald J. Trump, portrait by Oliver Wasow, 2016

Trump has acting as front man and hedge for Bannon’s xenophobic, fascistic agenda, which — by the time he is finally pushed out of the Oval Office — will have been executed to Bannon’s satisfaction. Laws, guidelines and protections decades in the making will have been savaged. Respected institutions, like the National Endowment for the Arts and the Environmental Protection Agency, will have been virtually killed off, as well as government-sponsored Climate Change science and initiatives. Military spending and weapons industries will have been privileged and endowed over research and education, enabling Steve Bannon’s ‘Holy War’ against Islam in support of ‘Judeo-Christian values’ and his crusade against refugees flowing into the West.

He will have blithely sold-out any hope of a viable, free and independent cognitive culture of informed democratic process. With no coveted Emmy at the end of it, but only international horror and disgust, he will have perfectly enacted the role of a vulgar, fear and Hate arousing, popular didact — the cynically appointed rabble rouser to the hopelessly, incipiently racist and misogynistic, on the grand scale.

His shadowy, ideological and financial, billionaire supporters, like Robert and Rebecca Mercer, will perhaps settle his legal costs and try to keep him out of prison, although this is seeming less and less possible. He will bail himself out of the hole his tax returns will reveal him to have been be in for the past seven years, in terms of debts to governments hostile to American interests domestically and overseas and in terms of U.S. banks having refused to finance him or loan him any money, and he will simply continue his reckless and criminal career of high-stakes felony fraud, international money-laundering, and unethical business practices on the global stage.

Elite and very dangerous, ultra-conservative billionaire ideologues, Bannon, the Mercer’s, and Kushner, will continue on their courses, pursuing cybernetic mass-control and behavioural modification science and technology through their companies, newer versions of Cambridge Analytica and Alamo, with corporate military services compliments of Right-Wing Fundamentalist Catholic ideologue, Eric Prince (Betsy DeVos’ brother and founder of XE Services, Blackwater Ops, and Academi militias for hire).

Bannon will continue to engineer his toxic ‘Immigrant Apocalypse’ scenario, so as to fulfil his deep-seated belief in the kind of fear and loathing, racial purity and pollution discourse put forth in the sub-standard 1973 French novel (and his personal bible), ‘The Camp of the Saints,’ by Jean Raspail. Robert and Rebecca Mercer will continue to promote Alt-Right candidates wherever they can, in their mysterious campaign to ensconce ‘Judeo-Christian values,’ whatever they are, in the highest seats of Occidental government, as they did with Britain’s ‘Leave’ campaign, and with Trump’s election. Jared Kushner will continue to attempt to fulfil his teenage Zionist dream of establishing Israeli ideological and military dominance in Palestine.

They will leave the compulsive-obsessive, narcissistically addicted, serially failing, fundamentally embarrassing Trump behind, at that point, allowing him to once again pursue his own dim-witted, petty and unethical commercial devices. He and Bannon will be disposed of and trash-canned like used condoms, having served the virile dreams of the billionaire Alt-Right sponsors and king-makers, and fulfilled their purpose as attention getting, Jerry Springer styled reality show performers. He will have promulgated enough of a smoke screen to mask the wholesale assault on mental, ontological and epistemological sovereignty in the West, perpetrated by their intellectual betters via algorithmic trojan horses devised by behavioural scientists, technocrats and clinicians wearing white coats, operating out of think tanks and cyberlabs in London, D.C., and New York.

The anti-establishment nihilists on this side of the fence, Bannon et al, are well fulfilled in their aims, as are Putin-esque operatives and ideologues. They’ve all used the ‘useful idiot,’ their spectacularly apt term-of-art for Donald Trump, and chewed him up nearly to a near-complete fibrous mush, and will spit him out soon. Maxim chaos achieved, presidency destroyed, national coherence, democratic process, individualist freedom ideology, and governmental effectiveness in shambles. Job done.

Domestically, this also spells the effective end of the Republican Party, which in turn spells the demise of the combative, stupid, two-party system and its aggression and tacit violence. A cooperative model will flow into the breach, not the monolithic Alt-Right tyranny that Bannon envisages — not at all! Bannon will be consumed by his own revolution, as the principals of violent change always, inevitably are. He may see his ‘New World Order’ coming to term, but this is evolution, not revolution. Of course.



I'm a writer/researcher/arts educator on Vancouver Island and all round global citizen who loves humans even though we're such a phenomenal pain-in-the-ass.

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Yvonne Owens, PhD

I'm a writer/researcher/arts educator on Vancouver Island and all round global citizen who loves humans even though we're such a phenomenal pain-in-the-ass.