The ‘Christian’ Societal Values Underwriting America’s Culture of Violence

President Donald Trump surrounded by members of the Secret Service, including Tony Ornato, right. Photograph: Pablo Martínez Monsiváis/AP

The slavish devotion of the Secret Service command to one man, Donald Trump, over the office, the Constitution, the nation and their oaths; the eruption of unashamed anti-Semitism from GOP-touted Republican icons like Trump, ‘Ye,’ and Musk; Christian violence against women’s reproductive health care centres, Women’s Human Rights and bodily autonomy; the full-throated return of White Supremacist tropes, slogans and motifs; the unabashed assault on African Americans’ voting rights, reparation for slavery, and Critical Race Theory; the decimation of education and intellectual traditions of critical thinking…all reveal the incipient racism, misogyny, fear-based patricist Rape Culture, internalized Other-hatred and toxic masculinity of the so-called ‘Christian Nationalist’ culture of Hate, condemnation and intolerance, that has always been lurking just beneath the surface in American society and culture.

All that is surprising about this is the fact that there are literally millions of conservative Americans who are talking about the merit of mounting a new civil war in order to uphold these depraved ‘values.’

Within this cultural mosh pit, certain actors perform the sound values and priciples underwriting the actual tenets involved in the U.S. Constitution. What filled me with admiration and profound respect was the Speaker’s bravery, grace under life-threatening pressure, and her nobility while under siege (she was being hunted by men literally baying for her blood–calling out “Where are you Nancy?”, “Come out Nancy,” like Jack Nicholson in Stephen King’s ‘The Shining,’ vowing to rape and kill both her and AOC–men Trump brought there–that he sent–to terrorize her and the nation as a whole–knowing these men–Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, The Three Percent, etc.–were armed, nuts, dangerous, and had publicized their intention to kill and maim).

She was consummately honourable–never quailed, just kept on working to protect, directing the defence of the Capitol, never exhibiting fear for her own personal safety and wellbeing, nor panicking, despite being specifically targeted by the disgusting mob, but consistently concerned for others’ safety and the commission of the democratic process in effecting the transfer of power and installing the people’s choice of leader as per the American Constitution. And we know this because it’s all recorded, the entire episode.



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Yvonne Owens, PhD

I'm a writer/researcher/arts educator on Vancouver Island and all round global citizen who loves humans even though we're such a phenomenal pain-in-the-ass.