I wish both Pence and Trump would get sick as dogs, have to be intubated for months, put into artificial comas, with long-lasting incapacitating aftereffects at the very least, like at least 6 months-worth, not an untoward length of time incapacitated in the wake of Covid-19 debilitation, in other words definitely not too much to ask. Pelosi would be put into office, swiftly and handily correct a host of serious, anti-American, unconstitutional, uncivil problems issuing from the Trump Administration and the Trumpism movement, not least of all the disastrous Trumpian handling of the pandemic situation in the States.

Pelosi would then naturally become the Democratic candidate for the presidential election, being already well in place and working, demonstrably knowing exactly how to do everything having to do with just governing. She will have corrected the corrupt GOP fixes in place as far as voter suppression, arranged for safe remote voting across the entire country, be voted into office by a landslide, be re-elected in 2024 by a grateful, hopeful and resurgent nation, and hand-off the most powerful position of trust on Earth over to AOC in 2028, who will be old enough to be president by then, who will implement the Green New Deal (not a moment too soon), and curtail the obscene profit-making of corporate graft in favour of universal prosperity initiatives.

Universal Health Care will already be well in place, having been provided to the American People by President Pelosi as one of her first official actions with the full cooperation of a Democrat-run Senate and House, and people across the country will be so fucking happy, secure and relaxed, for a change, that they won’t know what to do with themselves. They’ll be so happy and rewarded, they’ll forget to hate the fact that they have had two Democratic women presidents in a row, and join most of the other Western democratic nations, who have female leaders who really, really know how to govern and caretake a people, and have therefore steered their nations through a global pandemic with a high level of success, even in the face of the rash of new infectious diseases long predicted as the inevitable result of Climate Warming and Environmental Degradation, inevitable over the next century before corrective ecological measures can begin to be felt by the planet.

So be it.

I'm a writer/researcher/arts educator on Vancouver Island and all round global citizen who loves humans even though we're such a phenomenal pain-in-the-ass.