New Age Commercialism of Vagina ‘Wellness’ and The Earth as Mother

‘The Divine Cosmos’ by 11th-century Abbess, artist, composer and visionary, Hildegard of Bingen

Mercenary ‘Wellness’ and New Age commercialism of Cunti in the era of Climate Change is one of Nature’s many ironies. Paradox lies the heart of Mystery.

In canonistic Western art history, the mandorla or vesica piscis (“fish vessel”), the almond-shaped portal, birth canal or vulva is the door through which all entrances, exits, epiphanies and transformations occur. In art historical iconography, all Assumptions, Apotheoses, Second Comings, Ascensions or depictions of Mary or Christ in Majesty are framed within its curving contours. No one comes or goes — to or from this plane or any other — except by the auspices of the sanctified womb — in iconography and in actual fact — the womb of Woman, Earth, Time, Space and Cosmos.

Making it into a pop-icon targeting insecure female consumers for ‘Goop’ Gwyneth Paltrow products is both absurd and profane. Much that concerns sex and sacrality is, I suppose.

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