America’s Oval Office Embarrassment

Yvonne Owens, PhD
4 min readAug 24, 2022
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So….Donald Trump actually stole over 300 documents from the American people, some of them of the highest security classifications posing inestimable dangers to agents, operatives, assets and allies around the world — not to mention exposing sources and methods to any and all hostile foreign nations — and kept them in ill-secured storerooms above one of the ballrooms, a storage closet next to one of the outdoor pools, and in the basement at his golf club with hundreds of paid members who have unchallenged access along with their guests and others who stroll onto the property from time to time, including adventurous teenagers and at least one now-tried, convicted, jailed and deported Chinese spy, with random people going in and out all the time and inadequate locks on the doors.

How many more travesties can we be expected to absorb. Over the course of his terrifying reign, the U.S. was exposed to years of international embarrassment and possibly far, far worse than mere global humiliation. His conducting of an emergency security meeting and strategy session in full view of scores of paying guests at Mar-a-Lago was an early breach of so many security protocols, and presented clear evidence for impeachment on grounds of mental unfitness.

As has now been widely publicized to the shame and woe of security experts everywhere, one of the Mar-a-Lago paying guests had their picture taken with the High Security military staff person who carries the ‘Nuclear Football, the president’s portable nuclear launch trigger, and posted it on Facebook, thus identifying the top secret attache and his briefcase full of payload and its triggering device. Presumably, selfie opportunities are part of what Mar-a-Lago guests are paying for? (Also, RE: the emergency situation of N. Korea having launched their new ground to air missile device in the general direction of Japan — Does anyone remember that Trump specifically encouraged N. Korea and Japan to ‘get into it’ in terms of nuclear hostilities during the campaign? ’Cause I sure do! Being a sociopathic malignant narcissist, he probably not-so-secretly congratulated himself that someone actually took his advice.)

Allowing his ‘guests’/customers to take selfies with top secret security personnel, photograph and post on Facebook the High Security meeting conducted in full view of the diners…

Yvonne Owens, PhD

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