Oliver Wasow, ‘Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist,’ manipulated photograph, 2017.

Protest participant in action against ‘Columbus Day’ celebrations

‘The Divine Cosmos’ by 11th-century Abbess, artist, composer and visionary, Hildegard of Bingen

Engraving by Joos van Winghe and Theodor de Bry. Photo from Peace Palace Library, The Netherlands

Jim Andrews, photoshopped image: Trump’s face photoshopped onto archival, iconic photo of Mussolini on the balcony

Creation of Eve
Marble relief on the left pier of the façade of the cathedral in Orvieto, Italy

Water protectors holding a ceremony on the banks of the Cannon Ball River were met by riot police who shot rubber bullets at point-blank range on Nov. 2, 2016. Photo by Robert Wilson.

Tolkien’s watercolour illustration of Sauron, extending his acquisitive hand over the land.

‘The Nightmare Resumes for Afghan Women: America rescued them 20 years ago. How can we abandon them to the Taliban again?’, By Charity Wallace, Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2021

Yvonne Owens, PhD

I'm a writer/researcher/arts educator on Vancouver Island and all round global citizen who loves humans even though we're such a phenomenal pain-in-the-ass.

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